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WarioWare Gold is an entry in the WarioWare series on the Nintendo 3DS. It features several microgames and game modes from previous games, alongside many new microgames and features. Microgames can either use the buttons, touch screen, or the system's orientation as the main form of input.

Balloon Fight


Like many of the previous entries, there is a microgame based on Balloon Fight. As part of the 5-Volt stage, using button controls, the microgame involves controlling the Balloon Fighter in a Bonus Stage from NES Balloon Fight. The goal of the microgame is to pop Balloons, either two in the lowest difficulty version or three in the second and third difficulty levels. In the third difficulty level, there is a randomly placed cloud which will shoot out a Spark. When viewed in the index, the microgame has a target score of 15 and has this description:

"While you pop the balloons that appear as you float along, watch out for lightning. Balloon Fight was released for the NES in 1986."

There are several inconsistencies between this microgame and the original game. If the player presses left or right on the D-Pad, they will move horizontally even without also flapping their arms, unlike the original. The A button is also mapped to auto-flap, unlike B in the original, but this may simply be a limitation of WarioWare as all microgames are limited to only use the A button. The cloud which appears in the highest difficulty version is also not possible in the original game, as no Bonus Stage has a cloud in it. However, later Bonus Stages in the Balloon Fight Game & Watch can feature bouncing Sparks. Also, after being hit by the Spark in the microgame, the player falls past the floor, unlike how the players bounce off of the floor in the original game.

Sneaky Gamer

In the challenge section, there is a mode called "Sneaky Gamer" which is directly based on the Gamer minigame from Game & Wario. In this game, the player must complete microgames while also avoiding being seen by 5-Volt. Unlike the original version, the Balloon Fighter handheld has been replaced with a blue Nintendo 2DS, though the Balloon Fighter theming still appears between microgames. The player's remaining lives are represented by the Balloon Fighter's Balloons, and the microgames are represented by Bubbles which he pops. After completing a Boss Stage, the Balloon Fighter will land on a platform and do a pose.


Screenshot from the character trailer for Lulu

A new character named Lulu is introduced to the series in this game. Her design is based off of Alice, the main character of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB. She wears a white shirt, red overall dress, and has a red bow in her hair, just like Alice. At several points in the game, she can be seen flying using Balloons as well, such as during the Wario Deluxe stage. In a character video released on Nintendo's YouTube channel, Lulu flies around Diamond City using a Balloon, and at one point she pops the Balloon of a Balloon Bird, who uses the art from the box art of the Famicom version of Balloon Fight.[1]


  • The description for the Balloon Fight microgame could possibly also apply to Balloon Trip, which most previous microgames have been based on.
  • Although all of the characters received revised designs in this game, the older designs for 9-Volt and 5-Volt are still present in the Sneaky Gamer game mode.


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