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WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase is a companion WiiWare game to WarioWare D.I.Y. on the Nintendo DS. It has a handful of microgames, comics, and records which can be played even without access to the DS version, but the game is primarily meant as a way to display products built in the DS game on the Wii. It was released through the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Wii Points.

Balloon Fight


WarioWare DIY Showcase- Music Player (Balloon Fight Reference)

The record player of this version is completely different than the one seen in the DS game. Players have the options of either the "Auto Play" or "Game Play" modes. In both modes, the interface is themed around Balloon Fight. Similar to Balloon Trip, the notes of the song are floating in the air and can be collected to play their sound. The conductor seen in the DS game is now dressed like the Balloon Fighter, and is flying to the right above the water.

In Auto Play mode, he is extremely large and covers the entire height of the screen so that he collects all of the notes. Although the player has no direct control over his flying, they can move him back and forth with the pointer to either speed up or slow down the song playback.

In Game Play mode, the conductor is regular-sized and can be directly controlled by the player. Left and right are used to steer, 1 rapidly auto-flaps, 2 is for single arm flaps, and the player can also press down to dive downward. If they player gets too close to the water, the Balloon Fish will appear and eat them. There are Sparks at the top of the screen, as well as current and top score counts, a "phrase" counter which measures how far into the song the player is, and a lives counter which always states that they have infinite lives remaining. The phrases are split by small Islands with large numbered flags on them.

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