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WarioWare: Twisted! is an action and puzzle game featuring a large collection of microgames. This game came on a special cartridge which featured rumble feedback and a tilt sensor. It was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2004.

Balloon Fight


WarioWare Twisted! Balloon Fight Microgame

The microgames are sorted into themed stages which each correspond to a particular character in-game. 9-Volt's stage, which features microgames based on Nintendo, includes a microgame based on Balloon Fight. In this microgame, the Balloon Fighter is holding on to a vine, and the player must tilt the system to deliver a Balloon to him. The Balloon starts by floating out of a Pipe, then will float upward relative to the system's rotation. When it touches the Balloon Fighter, he will drop the vine and begin flying using it. The name of the microgame is just "Balloon Fight" and it takes 10 points to clear in the Spindex. It also has a description which will scroll by:

"[Balloon Fight] CLEAR 10 Pts. Your fighter needs a balloon! (Tilt) Change balloon direction""


  • There are several unused sprites in the Balloon Fight microgame, including a cloud, Spark, and animations of the Balloon Fighter walking, standing, and falling. There is also an alternate palette for the second player version of the Balloon Fighter.
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