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WarioWare: Smooth Moves is an entry in the WarioWare series for the Nintendo Wii. The game utilizes the Wii Remote in a variety of positions mimicking other real world objects or tools, and primarily uses motion controls for each of the microgames.

Balloon Fight



WarioWare Smooth Moves Balloon Fight Microgame

As usual with the WarioWare series, the 9-Volt stage is based on various Nintendo games, with one of the microgames being based on Balloon Fight. The microgame is named "Balloon Fight" and modeled after Balloon Trip mode, specifically from NES Balloon Fight. However, it is a 3D recreation of the mode, with a third-person camera behind the Balloon Fighter, who is now modeled to have more realistic human proportions. In the microgame version, the Balloon Fighter has a color scheme based on the Famicom version's box art. Although they cannot be interacted with, there are islands and clouds visible in the background.

The form which game instructs the player to take is called "The Big Cheese," where the player must put their hands, holding the Wii Remote, on their hips. The player must flap their arms to fly upward in-game, in order to avoid the Balloon Fish in the water and the Sparks in the air. At the highest difficulty level, there is also a Balloon Bird with a purple Balloon, who has similar proportions to the Balloon Fighter. There is also an alternate version in the Dr. Crygor stage, which is more focused on endurance.

When viewing the microgame at the Temple of Form, there is a scrolling description for the game:

[Balloon Fight] The classic air battle is now in 3-D form! Flap your arms and stay in the sky! 1986: Balloon Fight / NES



WarioWare Smooth Moves Balloon Trip

After the player plays Dr. Crygor's stage, they will unlock an expanded version of the Balloon Fight microgame as a minigame. The minigame is called Balloon Trip. The minigame has several differences from the microgame, including the addition of score and distance counters, as well as a high score displayed in the top left of the screen. The Balloon Fighter also uses the simplified red and blue color scheme seen in the original game.

Playing this game requires the player to connect a Nunchuk to their Wii Remote. Now, each controller acts as either hand, and the player can move horizontally on the screen as well by flapping only one arm. This version also adds Balloons, which can be collected for extra points.

Action Score
Pop Orange Balloon 10
Pop 10 Balloons 100
Pop Balloon Bird 100
1000 yard bonus 100
2000 yard bonus 200
3000 yard bonus 300

While the player hovers over the option on the map of Diamond City, a brief description will scroll past:

This is the 3-D version of Balloon Trip from the NES game Balloon Fight. Flap your arms to fly through the sky! If you pop 10 balloons in a row, you'll get a bonus! Play by connecting the Balance Stone.


  • Although never seen otherwise in-game, the zoomed-in version of the Balloon Trip minigame's building depicts the player two Balloon Fighter.
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