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WarioWare: Get It Together! is an entry in the WarioWare series for the Nintendo Switch. It introduced the ability to play any microgame as one of the several playable characters, as well as simultaneous multiplayer within all microgames.

Balloon Fight

Pop-Up Patrol

One of the microgames in Dr. Crygor's stage, named "Pop-Up Patrol," involved getting rid of on-screen ad pop-ups on a computer desktop. In level 2 of this microgame, there is occasionally an advertisement which appears to depict many hot air balloons, with a somewhat garbled title that seems to read "blloon trip," likely referring to Balloon Trip, a recurring game mode in the Balloon Fight franchise.

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Returning from WarioWare Gold, Lulu is one of the unlockable playable characters, appearing after the main story upon completing the "Thrill Ride" challenge stage. Her appearance is very similar to Alice from Balloon Kid, wearing a similar red overall dress and red ribbon. Her gameplay abilities include the ability to float upward while the A button is held, functioning similar to standard Balloon Fight controls. She also has the ability to ground-pound, instantly dropping downward, which also may be a reference to Balloon Kid. However, in-game she is able to float by making her ribbon spin like a propeller.

Although she doesn't utilize a Balloon in-game, both her character introduction screen and her section in the staff credits feature a design of a Balloon. Several of her animations seem to directly reference Balloon Fight, such as her flying pose being similar to that of the Balloon Fighter and one of her victory poses being similar to the free-fall animation from Balloon Fight and Balloon Kid.


  • This is one of the few WarioWare games which doesn't include any form of Balloon Fight themed microgame or game mode. The only other game to do so is WarioWare: Snapped! for the Nintendo DSi, which had no Nintendo-themed microgames or modes at all. Although Game & Wario didn't have a Balloon Fight microgame, the Gamer mode heavily featured a "Balloon Fighter" handheld game.
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