Phase 3 of Vs. Balloon Fight is the last of the green introduction levels.

Layout Edit

In the bottom half of the level, five two-tile-wide platforms are arranged in a pentagon, with a wider platform in the middle. The top half has two platforms that are about six tiles wide near the scoreboard platforms, halfway over the gap, as well a platform that loops around the screen edge and a single large platform near the ceiling. There are two clouds above the looping platform, as well as a large cloud under the large platform. Another cloud is beneath the right scoreboard platform. There are three pink Balloon Birds on the upper three platforms of the bottom half, and two green Balloon Birds in the upper half.

Trivia Edit

  • This phase features the first platform that loops around the screen edge, which likely serves to emphasize the wrap-around effect to new players.
  • This phase is never repeated, because it is within the introductory set of phases.