Hello! As you may have noticed, the wordmark (The little "logo" at the top left of the page) of the wiki has changed. I changed it because, simply, the old one was fairly old and it was not as high of quality as it could have been. The new wordmark features a more symmetrical design and a font more reminiscent of Vs. Balloon Fight's title screen. If anyone has suggestions, just let me know.

New Design vs. Old Design


The New Design.

The new design uses the more unique font of Vs. Balloon Fight's logo, which is likely the most signifigant change. "Wiki" is now centered, and has "Balloon Fight" directly above it, and the words "Balloon Fight" now have a blue border around them, also in reference to Vs. Balloon Fight. In addition, sets of three pipes were added to both sides, along with Balloons, a Balloon Bird, and Balloon Fighter. Other minor differences include the now transparent background.

While the old design was suitable, the new design replaced it because of the older version's shortcomings. First of all, we want to make sure that readers understand that the wiki is trying to focus on the whole series, and not just the NES version, which was somewhat implied by the older version. Also, the transparent background is important because it makes the wordmark easy to put on other backgrounds and have it look more official. A prime example of this is with the section editor, where the wordmark is put on an orange gradient background. With the older version, the solid background made the wordmark not fit in well with the background.