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Tetris DS is a Tetris game which was developed by Nintendo. Various NES characters appear throughout the game, including some from Balloon Fight.


The game follows the typical Tetris rule set in most modes, where pieces come from the top of the screen in arrangements of four tiles and the player must continually create full horizontal lines in order to clear them, or else the blocks will reach the top of the screen and the game will end.

In Touch mode, the blocks are significantly larger and are all present at the start. The goal in this mode is to slide the blocks or rotate them to clear blocks until the cage at the top of the tower of blocks hits the ground.

Balloon Fight References

  • If the player waits on the title screen, they may see the Balloon Fighter fighting Tetriminos suspended by Balloons.
  • Level 14 of Marathon mode is themed around Balloon Fight, and features many sprites from game along with a remix of Balloon Fight's music.
  • Everything in the "Touch" game mode is themed around Balloon Fight. There are Pipes on the sidebar (Although using a design closer to that of the Super Mario series or Balloon Kid), a cage full of multicolored Balloons using a similar sprite to that of Balloon Fight, although slightly condensed (Similar to the sprites in the Famicom Mini series port), Balloon Birds flying in the background, and so on. When the player gets a combo, a jingle based on the Balloon Trip/Bonus Phase melody will play.
  • In multiplayer, one of the team icons is the Balloon Fighter's head.
  • When the player has anywhere between 3000 and 3999 Tetris Points, there will be a sprite of the Balloon Fighter on the records menu, along with a screenshot of Phase 7 in the background.


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