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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is the first handheld entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, introducing several new characters, features, stages, and modes. It has interconnectivity with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for transferring custom fighters or using the 3DS as a controller in the Wii U game.

Balloon Fight


One of the new characters introduced in this version is the Villager, who was the playable character from the Animal Crossing series. Their up special move is called Balloon Trip, and in it the Villager puts on a helmet with Balloons and begins to fly, similar to the Balloon Fighter. If they fly for too long, or another character pops both of their Balloons, they will begin to fall helplessly like the Balloon Fighter, flapping their arms desperately. This is likely a reference to how Balloon Fight was playable in the original Animal Crossing.

Balloon Fight Stage

Main article: Balloon Fight (Stage)

One of the new stages introduced in this game is based on NES Balloon Fight. It randomizes the layout and color of the stage, and all of the stage elements use the pixel art from the original game, with some minor deviations. The stage can randomly place platforms, clouds, and Propellers, and after time the clouds may shoot out a Spark. One of the unique features of this stage is that players can wrap around the sides of the screen like in the original game, though if they are launched off either edge, it will still count as a KO. If a character falls in the water, the Balloon Fish might grab them, which they can break free from if they rapidly press buttons.


There are two songs from Balloon Fight in the game, both being new remixes.

  • Balloon Fight Medley
    • The song is a medley of several of the jingles and sound effects which played in Balloon Fight. In order of appearance, it includes the game start jingle, the Balloon Bird tweeting sound, the parachuting theme, the player falling sound, the jingle for being eaten by the Fish, the jingle for starting a new life, the phase clear jingle, the game over jingle, the perfect/super bonus jingle, and then the percussion solo from the Balloon Trip/Bonus Stage theme. Segments of the Balloon Trip/Bonus Stage theme can be heard throughout the song. The instrumentation includes piano, horns, and steel drums, with many sound effects maintaining their original chiptune sounds.
    • Composer: Yoshihito Yano
  • Balloon Trip
    • This theme is a direct remix of the Balloon Trip theme from Balloon Fight. It maintains chiptune instrumentation, with several new segments and effects added. Several sound effects from the original game can also be heard mixed in, such as the parachute theme and the sound of a Balloon Bird being knocked down.
    • Composer: Hirokazu Tanaka, ex
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