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The Super Mario franchise is Nintendo's flagship property, primarily built around the Super Mario Bros. series of platforming games. The titular character, Mario, is the mascot of Nintendo, and has been featured in countless games and spin-off series, including Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Several other characters who were created as part of this franchise have become franchises of their own, such as Wario, who was initially the villain of Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, but eventually became the namesake of the WarioWare series.


  • Super Mario Bros.: This was the first platforming game in the Super Mario Bros. series. According to a developer interview, the swimming sections of this game were programmed using Balloon Fight as a guide.
  • Super Mario World: The game features an item called the P Balloon, which looks similar to the Power-Up Balloon from Balloon Kid. Due to the games releasing only a month apart, it is unknown which came first in development, or whether they are related at all.
  • Game & Watch Gallery 3: This series features many characters from the Super Mario franchise. The game shows the Balloon Fight Game & Watch in the museum.
  • Game & Watch Gallery 4: The game includes a list of Game & Watch releases, including an entry for Balloon Fight.
  • Super Mario Maker: In an update, a costume power-up was added based on the Balloon Fighter.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: In an update, a mode called "Luigi's Balloon World" was added. Luigi can be seen in certain places in most kingdoms floating with Balloons tied to his back. In Japanese, the mode is called "Balloon Find" (バルーンファインド) which is similar to "Balloon Fight." (バルーンファイト)