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The Spike Ball is a destructive item seen in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.


The Spike Ball is just a simple black ball (Presumably metal) with spikes covering it. It is reflective and is carried by a hook under your Mii and a string.


You pick this item up at the start of a level like a Package, and it even gives you 10 Nintendo Land Coins at the end of a level. The main use of this item, though, is to destroy Brick Blocks, Balloon Birds, and Balloon Breakers. This item is far heavier than a Package. This item will be lost if the player dies.


Although Spike Balls appear in Balloon Trip Breeze, they also appear in Pikmin Adventure. In the plaza, the player can unlock a Spike Ball as a prize, but it is classified as being from Pikmin Adventure. When tapped on, Monita will give a brief description, which seems to be more based on its function in Pikmin Adventure:

"I thought that by adding spikes to this ball, I'd encourage you to run faster..."

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