Sparks (Also known as Lightning or Lightning Bolts) appear in most Balloon Fight titles. They instantly kill the Balloon Fighter when touched.

Appearance Edit

Sparks are blue and yellow and look like a ball of lightning, as you would expect. In Balloon Kid, though, the sprite is in grayscale but looks similar.

Function Edit

Sparks appear in the original Balloon Fight after a certain period of time passes in a phase, and come out of the clouds seen around the level. At first, the cloud flashes, then a bolt of lightning comes out of it and at the end of that the Spark is created and the goes off at the angle the bolt was at, bouncing off of any obstacles it encounters (Including the top, left, and right screen boundaries). It will not bounce off of Flippers, players, or enemies. Enemies and Flippers are unaffected by Sparks, but the player will be instantly killed regardless of Balloons remaining. If a Spark enters the water, it will be gone and won't bounce out. However, a new Spark is usually created when this happens. Sparks are faster depending on how many were created before. In Balloon Kid, they appear out of clouds, but in some levels they are contained in Light Bulbs which break when touched, releasing the Spark. Sparks appear in the Balloon Trip mode of Balloon Fight and Balloon Kid, serving as the main obstacle. In Balloon Trip Breeze, Balloon Breakers replace Sparks, though during a rainstorm, they will become electrocuted, effectively becoming like Sparks.

Trivia Edit