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The third boss of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB is a Snowman.

Attack Pattern

The Snowman will move back and forth across the ground for a while, and then stop to throw its bucket at the player. The bucket will lock on to where the player is when it is thrown, and then move there somewhat slowly. When it reaches that point, it will return to the Snowman, and this cycle will repeat.


The player must avoid the bucket when it thrown, as it is the only hazard in the battle. To attack, the player must wait for the boss to throw the bucket, exposing the boss's head. While the bucket is away, Drop onto the boss to damage it.

In other languages

  • Japanese: バケツダルマ (Bucket Daruma) (literally "Bucket Snowman").[1]


  1. Hello Kitty World manual, page 22.


  • This is the first boss to feature a waterless arena.
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