The Shrimp is the second boss of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB.

Attack Pattern Edit

While the boss itself does not have any real attacks, it can only be attacked when it jumps out of the water, and the key is to either bounce back into the Dropped Balloons or get bounced onto the side platforms to inflate more Balloons. Because the floor is water, and the only solid ground is to the sides, players must be careful not to miss hitting the boss, otherwise they may get eaten by the Floppy Fish.

Strategy Edit

The only way to damage the boss is to fly over it and then Drop, but in a way that you will bounce either onto a side platform or back to your Balloons. The best way to regain the Dropped Balloons is to Drop low over the boss. However, be careful not to drop immediately again after the previous hit, as the boss will dive into the water again after the "stunned" animation.

Trivia Edit

  • This boss is the last to have any water on the screen, and of all of the boss fights, it has the most water by far.