Balloon Fight Wiki

Shockwaves are a method of attacking and interacting with the terrain in Balloon Trip Breeze.


Any time the player taps on the Wii U Gamepad touch screen, a shockwave will be created. Shockwaves can move or pop Balloons, destroy Brick Blocks and red Balloon Breakers, pop Giant Bubbles, and pop the Balloons of Balloon Birds. However, shockwaves cannot collect items from Giant Bubbles, as it will instead pop the bubble but let the item fall. Shockwaves are also ineffective against Balloon Bird parachutes or eggs, and also cannot break solid Blocks or black Balloon Breakers. Shockwaves also cause Buoys, Miis, and Monita to react, although this is just a visual detail and does not serve any extra use.

Up to four other players can assist the main player by connecting Wii Remotes. These players will only be able to interact with the game by pointing at the screen and pressing the A button to create shockwaves. Shockwaves created by Wii Remotes are weaker than a standard shockwave, as they cannot pop Balloons or Giant Bubbles, nor can they break red Balloon Breakers. The effect for these shockwaves is also visually smaller. However, they can still pop Balloon Bird Balloons, pop the Bubble which the player respawns in, and affect background elements like Buoys, Miis, and Monita. The shockwaves can also be used to move objects on screen, including Balloons, Balloon Breakers, Balloon Birds, and even the player's Mii.