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Satoru Iwata (now unfortunately deceased due to cancer) was a key employee of Nintendo, who was promoted as the fourth president/CEO in 2002. As a past employee of HAL Laboratory, he was a (formally uncredited) programmer for the original Balloon Fight.

Satoru Iwata was particularly known for his management skills and policies, such as his belief in the "blue ocean" business strategy and his coordination, programming skills, saving Ape, Inc. (now Creatures, Inc.) when they were experiencing trouble with the video game EarthBound Beginnings (known in Japan as Mother) and similarly assisting Game Freak with Pokémon Franchise programming.

According to a report and prototype discovery, it is believed that he had also worked on a prototype of Joust for the Famicom; specifically when it was planned that Atari would market the Famicom outside of Japan as the "Atari Famicom" before direction was changed.[1]