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Robbie is the second boss of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB, appearing on the Whale stage.

Attack Pattern

While the boss itself does not have any real attacks, it can only be attacked when it jumps out of the water. It will select a random location in the water, jump out from there, and then hang in the air for a second before dropping back into the water. It can appear anywhere between the two side platforms of the arena. The boss will be defeated after three hits.


To attack Robbie, the player has to wait above the water and then Drop onto his head while he is jumping. However, since there is water covering the bottom of the stage, the player must be careful to either bounce back up into their Dropped Balloons or onto one of the side platforms.

In other languages

  • Japanese: ロビー (Robbie) (a possible play on the given name and "lobster").[1]


  1. Hello Kitty World manual, page 21.


  • This boss is the last to have any water on the screen, and of all of the boss fights, it has the most water by far.
  • Although there is water at the bottom of the screen, the Floppy Fish does not appear during this stage.
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