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Rest Islands are platforms that appear on the surface of water. They were first named in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.


Vs. Balloon Fight & NES

At the bottom of every Phase, there are two islands at the edges of the screen. These could possibly instead be one continuous island, due to the screen wraparound effect. Their color varies depending on the current phase group. In Vs. Balloon Fight, the islands can either be green, orange, turquoise, blue, or yellow. In NES Balloon Fight, they can either be green, red, blue-green, or blue.

Game & Watch

Many small islands can be seen scrolling past in the water. They appear to be rocky with grass on top.

Balloon Trip Breeze

Rest Islands have a brown base and a green top, and while they appear to be short from in the game, the prize in the Nintendo Land Plaza shows that they are actually very tall. Some larger Rest Islands have a Nintendo Land logo on the front. Only two Rest Islands in the whole game have Bells on them.


Game & Watch

The Balloon Man can choose to land on any island as long as it is on screen. If the player is currently between phases, the islands will flash, and pressing either warp button while resting on one will send the player to a Bonus Phase.

Balloon Trip Breeze

When you land on any Rest Island, the screen will scroll faster to the spot and you can get bonuses for beating the level, and you can get more for landing on the Podium. The Rest Island at the start of the game also holds the Bell that first starts the game.

Monita's Notes

Monita will say this about the Rest Island in the Nintendo Land Plaza:

"The islands seem so ordinary from above that you'd never guess they look like this.  The villagers up there are terrified of falling off."

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