Rest Houses appear in the game Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Locations Edit

Every Rest Island has one of these on them, usually with Miis around or inside the building. In the tutorial for the game, there is even a Rest House located on the right side of the screen, on the same platform you start on.

Appearance Edit

The most common kind of Rest House has brown walls and a green roof. Each floor is an upside-down trapezoid shape. Some Rest Houses, mostly in levels past Day 3, have white walls. The Nintendo Land Plaza display of the Rest House can have up to five floors, growing one story and going back to one story at the maximum when tapped.

Monita's Notes Edit

In the Nintendo Land Plaza, Monita says this about the Rest Houses:

"Take shelter from the elements and rest your weary body at one of these island retreats.  Seeing the light of the windows come into view after a long night's flight is a welcome sight."