The Question Mark item gives you a random effect from any of the other items you can get from a Giant Bubble in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Appearance Edit

This item is just a three-dimensional "?" that is deep blue and somewhat speckled. It normally appears in a Giant Bubble, but it can be seen without a bubble in the plaza, or by popping the bubble and not collecting the item. This can be done by tapping the bubble or by hitting it with a held item such as a Package.

Function Edit

These items only appear when you "Taunt" the Balloon Fish by flying down by the water and avoiding being eaten. When obtained, a random item effect will be chosen and applied. The player can either become small, slow down time, become invincible, or erase all Balloon Breakers on screen.

Description Edit

In the plaza, the player can unlock a model of the Question Mark. Although it appears in Balloon Trip Breeze, it is treated as a generic Nintendo Land-wide item and isn't labeled with any particular game. When the player interacts with it, Monita will give this description:

"This has always been a symbol of mystery. My processing on the matter only results in confusion. Who am I? What is happening? Why is butterscotch?"

Vs. Balloon Fight/Balloon Fight (NES) Balloons, Giant Bubbles
Balloon Kid/Balloon Fight GB Power-Up Balloon, Heart
Balloon Trip Breeze Package, Crate, Giant Present, Spike Ball, Eraser, Mini-Pill, Invincibility Star, Question Mark, Time Stopper
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