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Podiums appear on the majority of Rest Islands in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.


Podiums are simple landing areas with three sections, with the highest in the middle, second highest on the left, and lowest on the right. A crown icon is shown on the highest tier. When landed on, it will go downward into the ground and stop at the tier you landed on, being completely buried if you landed on the top. Over all, the Podium is light gray with a faint checkerboard pattern. It also has a red flag on top.


Landing on a Podium will give you extra points, with more points for the higher tiers. As mentioned above, when landed on, they will go into the ground by steps. Two "steps" into the ground covers a tier. Other than for extra points, you do not need to land on a Podium to end a level. Landing anywhere on the island will start the "Goal" cutscene and end the level.

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