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Pipes appear in most Balloon Fight games, typically in Bonus Stages.


The pipes themselves cannot be touched or landed on in most games. The Balloons will float out of the tops of them. While the pipes for the most part obscure the Balloons as they float up, in Vs. Balloon Fight and Balloon Fight NES the Balloons can be partially seen through the small gap between the lip and the stem, and it is possible to pop them at this point.

In Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB, however, the pipes are solid and can be landed on. At the end of the Bonus Stage, a Heart will also float up from a pipe in Balloon Kid, as well as in its remake.

In Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, the pipes are once again untouchable, but they do stop the player from collecting Balloons early.

Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze has two sections imitating the traditional Bonus Stages of past games in Day 3: Morning and Day 7: Morning. In them several pipes appear and act as they usually do, dispensing Balloons over time at random.


In Vs. Balloon Fight and Balloon Fight on the NES, the pipes were somewhat narrow and had a very round lip at the top. The pipes are made of a shiny, silver metal. There is a small gap between the lip and the stem of the pipe, as well as between the pipe and the ground. The pipes which appear in Vs. Balloon Fight are also considerably taller than those in the NES version.

In Balloon Kid, the pipes are slightly redesigned, as they are now more blocky, and in Balloon Fight GB, the pipes are green. However, when Balloon Fight GB is played on a Super Game Boy, the pipes appear to be a light orange color due to the palette used.

In Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, the pipes are still blocky, but they are made of brown bricks. The lip of the pipe is only slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the pipe.

In Balloon Trip Breeze, pipes are bright yellow, with the body of the pipe having a cross-hatch pattern embossed onto it. They appear to be made out of a kind of matte plastic material.

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