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PiCTOBiTS is a DSi puzzle game featuring characters from various NES and Famicom games, including Balloon Fight.


Colored groups of blocks will fall down from the top of the screen, and the player needs to manipulate blocks that have already landed so that the falling blocks land on them and create a group of four or more. Cleared blocks then go to the top screen to create a sprite of a character.

Balloon Fight References

There are two stages which feature Balloon Fight sprites, which are stage 3 and the dark version of stage 3. Stage 3 is both of the Balloon Fighters, and Dark Stage 3 is a Balloon Fish and a parachuting pink Balloon Bird. The music for this stage can also be bought with the coins you earn in-game in the jukebox. The in-game tutorial for making Chains also uses the characters, background, and music from Stage 3.

The game's credits sequence also includes elements from Balloon Fight. Near the start of the credits, while the text crediting Satoru Iwata as Executive Producer is on-screen, there are two silhouettes of the Balloon Fighters on the bottom screen. This may be a reference to his work on the NES version of Balloon Fight. There is also a part later on during the credits where silhouettes of Balloons can be seen, with the Balloon Trip theme mixed into the background music.

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