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In Vs. Balloon Fight, Balloon Fight on the NES, the Balloon Fight Game & Watch, and Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, phases are distinct layouts of obstacles, enemies, and items that the player must complete an objective within in order to progress.

Enemy Clearing

For all games except the Game & Watch version, the objective of each phase is to defeat every Balloon Bird. This can be done by popping their Balloons and then either also ripping their parachutes or kicking them into the water after they land.

Balloon Trip

In the Game & Watch adaptation of Balloon Fight, the objective in each phase is to collect 25 Balloons. Each phase has a distinct layout of Balloon and Spark placements, which may also include randomization. At the end of every eighth phase, Oiram Repus will appear and throw Sparks at the player. If the player can survive the barrage for long enough, the Balloon Man will capture Oiram Repus and bring him back to Sky Metropolis, earning 50 extra points.

In Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, a phase system was implemented into the Balloon Trip mode. Unlike the Game & Watch version, the player doesn't need to collect Balloons to progress, and instead the phases will end after a certain distance.