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Oiram Repus is the main antagonist of the Game & Watch game Balloon Fight. The objective of the game is to capture him and put him in prison.


Oiram Repus is the boss of a criminal organization known as the Sky Pirates. He was fought by the Sky Patrol Balloon Man to be put into the Federal Prison of Sky Metropolis, but he escaped and went into hiding. His henchmen who were caught ripped up a map leading to his location and sent them off on Balloons.


Oiram Repus seems to be fish-like, with green skin. Depending on the depiction, he either has a black or a green suit on, along with a belt. According to the box art, he has yellow eyes, fangs, and what appear to be broken handcuffs on his wrists. In every depiction, he has fins on the side of his head and one large fin on the top of his head.


From in game and in official artwork, Oiram Repus has been shown to be able swim and create and throw sparks. It also appears that he is able to fly, despite not having any sort of equipment to aid in flight. It is also implied that Oiram is amphibious, as he can both swim and survive out of water.

Boss Fight

In-game, Oiram Repus appears at the end of every 8th phase (Phase 8, 16, 24, etc. after collecting 25 Balloons in that phase), where he will have a short intro where he swims back and forth in the water (seen with the "splash" sprites) and then comes up on the left side of the screen. In the battle, you simply must dodge the Sparks he throws at you. The pattern is simple, as he simply goes up and down the screen throwing Sparks. You simply must survive until the timer runs out, and then you will see Balloon Man grab Oiram and fly to the Sky Metropolis to put him in jail. If you fall into the water or get hit by a Spark, you will simply be put at the beginning of the next phase, much like in a Bonus Stage. If the player survives, they will get 50 points.


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