Balloon Fight Wiki

A flyer for Vs. Balloon Fight, showing two variations of the Vs. System cabinets

The Nintendo Vs. System was a system of arcade hardware. The key features of this system were the ability to easily swap out the games with a conversion kit and cabinets which featured two monitors. With the dual monitors, each side of the system could be configured to play different games, or with specific games, both sides could interact, allowing for each player to have independent views of a shared game.

There were two distinct cabinet designs that were released. The upright version used a form factor similar to many other arcade cabinets, and the cocktail version (often referred to as a "red tent" cabinet for its distinct design) was suited for playing while seated.

The hardware of the system was similar to that of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Starting in 2017, several of Nintendo's arcade titles were rereleased on the Nintendo Switch as part of HAMSTER's Arcade Archives series, including many from the Nintendo Vs. System.


Vs. Balloon Fight was one of the few games on the system that required the use of both sides of the cabinet. In the game, each player could either play independently on each side, or both could play simultaneously to either cooperate or compete directly.

According to interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto, the swimming physics in Vs. Super Mario Bros. were built using the knowledge gained from the development of Balloon Fight.