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Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is an educational game in which the player builds accessories for their system out of cardboard, called Toy-Con, in order to play and create games with the included software. The primary focus of the kit is a virtual-reality headset that the Nintendo Switch system fits into, acting as a viewfinder into the game and following the player's head movements.

Balloon Fight

This game includes a mode in which the player can freely program their own game to use with the Toy-Con they built. Following the game's release, Nintendo created and published several example games within this mode, which were distributed through the Nintendo Switch's News feature. If the player saw an article featuring a game they were interested in, they could download it into their own copy of the game. The player could then play the game, see how it was assembled, or modify it themselves.

One of the games released through this method was a recreation of Balloon Fight. Although it was unnamed in the English article, the Japanese article refers to it as Balloon Fight. In this game, two players are put in an arena with the goal of popping the other's Balloon. There is water at the bottom, a spike which moves back and forth on the ceiling, and floating Joy-Con as platforms.


Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit - Balloon Fight Minigame Gameplay

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