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The Nintendo Entertainment System, often abbreviated the NES, was initially released as the Famicom in Japan in 1983. The hardware is similar to that of the Vs. System arcade cabinets Nintendo produced, and was also used as the basis for the Playchoice-10 arcade systems.

Nintendo would go on to also produce the NES Classic Edition, which was modeled after original system, though shrunk down and including 30 games built in.


Only one mainline Balloon Fight game released on the system, being Balloon Fight in 1985. However, Hello Kitty World was also released on the Famicom in 1992, which was a rebranded remake of Balloon Kid.

NES games were referenced in Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB. Gumshoe, a game released in 1986 and designed by Yoshio Sakamoto, has similar music in its final stage to that later used in the Forest stage of Balloon Kid. There were also unused sprites in the game for an eggplant man from Wrecking Crew.