Balloon Fight Wiki

Nintendo Co., Ltd is a large, popular multinational video game company who created and own the rights to the Balloon Fight Franchise, with the help of various key people like Satoru Iwata (of HAL Laboratory) and composer Hirokazu Tanaka.



  • Entertainment Planning and Development (EPD)
  • Platform Technology Development (PTD)
  • Business Development Division (BDD)


  • Research & Development 1 (R&D1)
  • Research & Development 2 (R&D2)
  • Research & Development 3 (R&D3)
  • Research & Development 4 (R&D4)
  • Reserach & Engineering Development (RED)
  • Entertainment Analysis & Development (EAD)
  • Software Planning & Development (SPD)


  • 1-Up Studios
  • iQue
  • Monolith Soft
  • NDcube
  • Next Level Games
  • Retro Studios




  • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Nintendo's first home console with interchangeable game cartridges.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Featured enhanced graphical abilities compared to the original.
  • Nintendo 64
    • Featured 3D gameplay, and had an analog stick on the standard controller.
  • Nintendo GameCube
    • First Nintendo console to use discs for games.
  • Wii
    • Featured a controller with motion sensing and an IR pointer.
  • Wii U
    • Featured a controller with a screen built-in, used for asymmetrical gameplay.
  • Nintendo Switch
    • A hybrid console and handheld, which could either be played on a TV or as a standalone device.
  • Game & Watch
    • A line of handheld LCD games with built-in alarm clocks.
  • Game Boy
    • Nintendo's first handheld with interchangeable game cartridges.
  • Game Boy Color
    • Featured a full-color screen and improved hardware.
  • Game Boy Advance
    • A fully upgraded handheld with significantly improved hardware and graphics.
  • Nintendo DS
    • Featured two screens, with the bottom screen including touch controls.
  • Nintendo DSi
    • Featured built-in cameras and the ability to download software from the DSi Shop.
  • Nintendo 3DS