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The NES Classic Edition is a miniature version of the NES, which features 30 built-in games and HDMI output.


The miniature system includes 30 games built-in, including Balloon Fight. There are three graphical filters that can be applied, including Pixel-Perfect mode which displays each pixel as a perfect square, 4:3 Aspect mode which scales the screen as described, and CRT Filter mode which adds scan lines and other video artifacts that are reminiscent of an original CRT-type television as was common during the NES' lifespan. Each game on the system also has four save states that can be saved to or loaded from at any time by pressing the Reset button.


Besides the graphical filters and save states, the games are mostly unchanged. Some games have been altered slightly due to content issues; for example, Startropics has had all instances of "Yo-yo" replaced with "Star" to avoid legal issues. Balloon Fight does not have any major alterations like this, however.

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Balloon Fight (NES Classic Edition)


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