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Monita is the tour guide robot who gives tutorials and appears throughout Nintendo Land.


Monita's name is a pun on her face being a computer monitor. The screen is light blue with white rounded lines for eyes and a white circle for a mouth. She also has a floating white hat with a red stripe on it, as well as a single arm, which is made out of floating pieces. There is a stem connected to the bottom of her monitor with a red ribbon on it.


Besides appearing as a guide the first time a player starts Nintendo Land, Monita also appears in several places within Balloon Trip Breeze. She can be seen during Day 1: Morning and at the end of both Day 3: Morning and Day 7: Morning. In the first level, she teaches the player the controls. She appears on Day 3: Morning because it is the final level of the game the first time the player reaches it, and then similarly she appears on Day 7: Morning because it is the true final level.

She also follows the player around the Nintendo Land Plaza, where she will describe any prizes that you have unlocked.


  • There seems to be multiple Monitas or at least similar robots, because Monita mentions other "park staff" and there have been multiple instances where multiple Monitas appear on the same screen, notably as Dark Monita, at the credits, and the Monita's Rooftop level in Luigi's Ghost Mansion.
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