Monita is the tour guide robot who gives tutorials and appears throughout Nintendo Land.

Appearance Edit

Monita is simply a blue monitor with a simple white face on it, with a floating hat and a single arm under the monitor. She is always seen floating, and none of the pieces are are actually connected.

Function Edit

Monita gives a tutorial the first time you play Balloon Trip Breeze with the selected Mii. She also appears on two of the Rest Islands. When tapped in-game, all of the pieces of her body float off slightly and spin, but come together again after a second. In the main plaza, she will also tell you about any souvenirs you tap on, usually with some personal note or remark.

Trivia Edit

  • There seems to be multiple Monitas or at least similar robots, because Monita mentions other "park staff" and there have been multiple instances where multiple Monitas appear on the same screen, notably as Dark Monita, at the credits, and the Monita's Rooftop level in Luigi's Ghost Mansion.