Balloon Fight Wiki

The following list contains every currently known game or port which is no longer available to the general public for purchase or legal download. The list is divided into categories based on why or how the games are inaccessible.

Download-only Games Using Defunct Services

These games are currently inaccessible due to being only available through online services which are now defunct.

Download-only Games At Risk

These games are not currently inaccessible, but due to the nature of online services, will likely become inaccessible at some point in the future.

The screenshot used for the Japanese news article for this minigame.

While not necessarily a full game, a heavily Balloon Fight-inspired minigame for the Garage section of Nintendo Labo: VR Kit was released through the Switch's News section. Because it has to be downloaded from the news article, once the article is taken down or the News section becomes defunct, the game will no longer be able to be downloaded.