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The Jam with the Band series, also known as Daigasso! Band Brothers in Japan, is a series of music games with a focus on performing and creating songs. The first game in the series was made for the Nintendo DS only released in Japan, although it was planned to release internationally under the name Jam with the Band. Although the first entry in the series released for the DS, the game had been in development on both the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color, although those original versions were never finished primarily due to the limitations of those systems.

Characters from this series would go on to appear as cameos in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Mario Maker, as well as a Japan-exclusive set of badges in the Nintendo Badge Arcade.


  • Daigasso! Band Brothers
    • One of the songs in the game is titled the "Famicom Mini Medley," combining several songs which appeared in games from the Famicom Mini line of games. The Balloon Trip/Bonus Stage theme is included in the medley.
    • This game was initially announced to release outside of Japan under the name "Jam with the Band," although this version would ultimately be cancelled.
  • Daigasso! Band Brothers DX
    • Also released on the Nintendo DS, this game features a different song list, as well as several new features. One of these new features was the instrument trivia section, which would showcase all of the instruments the player has tried. Each instrument has a brief example song associated with it, taken from other Nintendo games. The song associated with the Marimba is the beginning of the Balloon Trip/Bonus Stage song.
  • Jam with the Band
    • Both the Famicom Mini Medley (now called the NES Classics Medley) and the instrument trivia section return in this game, alongside the Balloon Fight reference in each.
    • This game is built off of Daigasso! Band Brothers DX, although it features several songs from the first game. It is the only game in the series to release in English.