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Giant Presents are a heavy carried item in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.


Giant Presents are white boxes with red ribbons holding it together and a bow on top. It is held by the player by a red hook and a string. The item itself is considerably larger than the player.


Much like a Package, it can pop Balloons, is held underneath the player, and will be lost when hit by a Balloon Bird, Balloon Breaker, or Balloon Fish. Giant Presents only give you ten Nintendo Land Coins at the end of a level. However, it is a much easier target to enemies and weighs you down significantly more. As such, it is much more of a challenge to keep the Giant Present throughout a level.

Vs. Balloon Fight/Balloon Fight (NES) Balloons - Giant Bubbles
Balloon Kid/Balloon Fight GB Power-Up Balloon - Heart
Balloon Trip Breeze Package - Crate - Giant Present - Spike Ball - Eraser - Capsule - Invincibility Star - Question Mark - Time Stopper