Giant Bubbles are a common element in the Balloon Fight series.

Function Edit

In Balloon Fight (Modes A/B), Giant Bubbles appear when a Balloon Bird is knocked into the water. They are worth 500 points. In Mode C, however, they occasionally rise up from the ocean and will freeze time when popped. In Balloon Kid, they act exactly the same way. In Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze, Giant Bubbles will appear when Balloon Birds are knocked into the water, but popping it will not freeze time. Giant Bubbles also will occasionally rise from the ocean carrying items such as Erasers, Time Stoppers, and Mini-Pills. A large group of Giant Bubbles will come out of the ocean when the rain stops.

Appearance Edit

They are just bubbles, about the size of the player. In Balloon Trip Breeze, they will occasionally contain items.