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The Game Boy Camera was a special add-on for the Game Boy in the form of a large and unusually shaped cartridge with a camera on top.


The camera is located at the top of the cartridge and is able to take grayscale images at a resolution of 128 by 112 pixels. The software on the cartridge is used to take and edit pictures, and even includes several minigames which incorporate images taken with the camera. The device was also compatible with the Game Boy Printer, allowing users to print out their photos onto thermal paper.

One of the ways you are able to edit your pictures is by adding "hot spots", which creates a spot which, when clicked in the gallery, can cause a variety of user-defined effects, such as playing music or a sound effect.

Balloon Kid References

Hirokazu Tanaka was both the composer for Balloon Kid as well as the director me composer for the Game Boy Camera. When adding "hot spots" to photos, some of the music and sound effects which can be selected are originally from Balloon Kid. Hot spot music 3 is the second boss battle theme, hot spot music 7 is the jingle played from defeating the final boss. Several other sound effects in this mode are also taken from Balloon Kid.

In the main menu, there is a submenu where you have access to Link, Doodle, Edit, Special menus. When hovering over each of these options, it plays a randomly pitched noise, similar to the sounds boss enemies make in Balloon Kid when hurt.

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