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The Game Boy Advance was a handheld system initially released by Nintendo in 2001. It received several hardware revisions afterward, such as the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro. There was also a Game Boy Player attachment made for the GameCube which could play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.


There were several ways to play the NES version of Balloon Fight on the Game Boy Advance. In North America, the e-Reader accessory had the ability to scan a sets of cards to play NES games. One of the sets of cards released, named Balloon Fight-e, was a version of Balloon Fight with only the multiplayer removed. There is also a Japan exclusive cartridge-based release under the Famicom Mini line, which included multiplayer, either with a link cable or the wireless adapter. Animal Crossing on the GameCube included the ability to send a version of Balloon Fight to a Game Boy Advance through the link cable, which was similar to the e-Reader version.

There were also several games on the system which included references to Balloon Fight: