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Game & Wario is an entry in the WarioWare series for the Wii U, which departs from the standard microgame focus of the previous games and instead has several larger minigames.

Balloon Fight


Game & Wario- Gamer (Balloon Fighter Cameo)

The minigame for 9-Volt and 18-Volt is called "Gamer," and unlike the other stages in the game is based off of the standard WarioWare gameplay focused on microgames. Unlike previous games, it adds the twist that the 9-Volt must avoid being caught playing games past his bedtime by pretending to sleep when his mother checks on him. The story of this mode revolves around a fictional handheld game system called the Balloon Fighter, which is modeled after the Balloon Fight Game & Watch. Between microgames, it plays an animation of the Balloon Fighter flying to the right, suspended by up to four Balloons which represent the player's remaining lives. However, there is no microgame based on Balloon Fight.

In the standard 9-Volt game modes and in the normal version of the 18-Volt mode, the system is green as a reference to the Balloon Fight Game & Watch. In the Ultra Speed version of the 18-Volt mode, it is orange as a reference to the Game & Watch game Climber, which is also in the New Wide Screen and Crystal Screen series. In the Hardcore 18-Volt mode, the system is red, similar to the Game & Watch game Mario's Cement Factory.

The microgames for this mode can all be individually unlocked through the Cluck-a-Pop capsule machine. These are all displayed with a light blue shell, similar to the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch game.

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