Balloon Fight Wiki

There was a series of collectible lanyards and keychains under the name "Famicom Strap" as part of the Nintendo Dotgraphics brand. Each one featured graphics and characters from Famicom games. One of the items in this series was themed around Balloon Fight.


The set comes with a lanyard and two small figures. The lanyard has the words "Balloon Fight" on it, along with a picture of a Cloud and the Balloon Fighter. The two keychains are of a Famicom system and the player one Famicom controller. The figures are small, with the Famicom only being around an inch from front to back, and the controller being only about half an inch tall. The system figure has a white cartridge in the slot, representing the original white cartridge of Balloon Fight. On the back of the packaging, there is a copyright date of 2005.

There is also another version of this product that comes with a different design for the lanyard, and has Twin Famicom-themed keychains. This version comes in a bag and has the words "Nintendo Strap 2" on the label.