"Dotgraphics" was a line of dioramas based off of NES games, which usually included multiple three-dimensional sprites that could be repositioned on the background, and a button that would play a sound from the game. In this line, there was a diorama based on Balloon Fight.

Description Edit

The diorama stands at about three and a half inches tall, and is overall colored black. The backboard has many peg-holes which can be used to position the characters, and has a partial picture of a level, showing the right side of a floating platform and the top of the water, along with some stars in the background. The set includes two figures: one Balloon Fighter with the player one colors, and one falling Balloon Bird with the pink palette. The base has a button which is placed on top of the base and positioned forward and to the right, and when the button is pushed, the "Stage cleared" jingle will play. On the front of the base, the words "Balloon Fight" are present with "(C)1984 Nintendo" below it in a smaller font. The words are in the usual NES font. On the back of the product, another copyright from Nintendo is embossed into the plastic, though it is not in the same NES font.