The box art for the Dot-S Balloon Fight set.

The "Dot-S" line of toys consisted of boards and an assortment of pegs, which allowed for the user to build various pictures. Within a line of Nintendo themed sets, there was a Balloon Fight set.

Description Edit

The set comes with the following pieces:

  • 60 beige pegs
  • 150 red pegs
  • 180 blue pegs
  • 100 orange pegs
  • 60 pink pegs
  • 100 green pegs
  • 4 peg boards
  • 4 board stands
  • 4 board connectors

The included pegs allow for the creation of most in-game characters and enemies, including the Balloon Fighter, Balloon Birds, and Balloon Fish. The pegs can be put into the boards, and the boards can be put into the stands provided or connected to another board by using the board connectors, which are basically 4x4 peg grids that connect to the back of the boards, holding them together. The boards are 16 pegs by 16 pegs. The user is essentially free to create whatever they want with the set, though the pieces provided are more suited for building sprites from Balloon Fight.