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Dōbutsu no Mori (どうぶつの森, "Animal Forest") is the first entry in the Animal Crossing series. It was only released in Japan on the N64. It would first appear outside of Japan as Animal Crossing on the GameCube, which has additional features on top of being localized. The game had a real-time battery operated clock built in to the cartridge, which meant that even after the game was turned off, the in-game time would pass the same as in the real world. This clock would be used in the game to cause the seasons to match the real world, as well as allow for special events on specific days.

Balloon Fight

There are several rare furniture items which can only be obtained during special events, such as a lottery at the end of every month or when the town is visited by Redd, a traveling merchant. Among them there are several Famicom consoles which come with a playable game. Balloon Fight is included as one of these Famicom furniture items. When placed in the player's room, it appears as a standard Famicom system with a white cartridge sticking out of it. This matches the color of the original cartridge, although the label uses the more generic label format used by several earlier Famicom games. Unlike in Animal Crossing on the GameCube, the item for every Famicom game will only be labeled as "Famicom" in the player's inventory, instead of showing the name of the specific included game.

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When the player interacts with the item, a prompt will appear asking if they would like to play Balloon Fight. If they proceed, they will be able to play the game as long as they would like to, and can exit the game by pressing the L, R, and Z buttons simultaneously. While in game, the player can use either the directional pad or control stick for movement.

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