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Club Nintendo Picross Plus is a 3DS game sequel to Club Nintendo Picross, featuring both new puzzles and alternate versions of the puzzles from the previous game. The game was available as a digital download reward through Club Nintendo, exclusively in Japan.

Balloon Fight

There are two puzzles returning from Club Nintendo Picross which are based on Balloon Fight. Unlike the original puzzles, the versions in this game are Mega Picross puzzles, in which adjacent columns or rows can have hints combined between them.

  • Fūsen (Balloon)
    • ID: M013
    • Size: 10 x 10
    • Level: 2/5
    • A pair of Balloons, based on the Balloons held by the Balloon Fighter.
  • Teki (Enemy)
    • ID: M039
    • Size: 15 x 15
    • Level: 4/5
    • A sprite of a pink Balloon Bird flying.


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