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Club Nintendo Picross is a downloadable 3DS puzzle game released as a reward for Club Nintendo members. Users of the service could redeem 80 Club Nintendo Points to download the game. It was developed by Jupiter, which controls the Picross franchise.


The gameplay and visuals are similar to several of the other Picross e series games released on the 3DS. For each puzzle, there is a grid of empty square tiles, and number associated with each column and row. The numbers describe groups of connected tiles in that row or column, and using that information, the player must construct an image by filling in tiles. Puzzles can vary in size and difficulty, and there are alternate modes with variations on the standard gameplay, such as Free Picross and Micross.

Balloon Fight

The game's puzzles are all generally themed to Nintendo franchises and history. In the "Free Picross" mode, there are two puzzles based on Balloon Fight:

  • Fūsen (Balloon)
    • ID: F06
    • Size: 10 x 10
    • Level: 3/5
    • Depicts a pair of red Balloons, similar to those used by the Balloon Fighter. Although the sprite has more complicated shading than the original, the highlights and strings are still the same color as the Balloon Fighter's skin tone. However, the blue used to differentiate the two Balloons in the original sprite is replaced by simply a darker red.
  • Teki (Enemy)
    • ID: F12
    • Size: 15 x 15
    • Level: 4/5
    • Depicts a pink Balloon Bird with its arm raised. The Balloon is mostly unseen, obscured by the edge of the puzzle, with the Balloon Bird itself taking up most of the frame. The sprite has been completely redrawn to fit in the puzzle, and also has more detailed shading.
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