Clouds are recurring stage elements in Balloon Fight.

Function Edit

Clouds cannot be landed on, and are background elements. After a long enough time has passed in a level, the cloud will flash and then create a Spark. In Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB, clouds appear in Level 5 and launch Sparks when they come on screen. In Vs. Balloon Fight, there are white clouds, but they are for decoration only.

Appearance Edit

In Balloon Fight and Vs. Balloon Fight, the clouds are round and bigger than the player. In Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB, they are more flat and are wider than the player. They are gray and simple in every appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • In Balloon Fight for the NES, the tiles that construct the white clouds in Vs. Balloon Fight still exist, although they have been edited slightly. However, the NES version of the sprite looks slightly rougher, which could indicate that it was copied over from an earlier version. The tiles are even placed in the same position in the graphics bank as they were in the arcade version.
  • When the clouds flash, they simply cycle through the currently loaded background palettes.