Buoys are background items that appear in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Appearance Edit

Buoys are wooden balls with a post on top with a number within a frame connected to the post. The numbers seem to float within the frame, instead of being connected to a backboard.

Function Edit

While mostly for decoration, the numbers go up by how far in the level you go, spaced out by the width of the screen. You cannot land on these. The first Buoy of a level is seen after

Monita's Notes Edit

In the game, you can unlock a Buoy as a decoration in the Nintendo Land Plaza. When tapped on or jumped on, Monita will say this:

"Buoys bob on the surface and tell you your distance from the last island.  Do not attempt to rest on a buoy.  They don't appreciate it, and neither will you when you fall off it and sink."