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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 13 September 2021

My Favorite Balloon Fight References

In the time I've spent researching Balloon Fight, a large section has just been directed toward searching out references to the series within other games. At first, I relied on just whatever I found naturally, or well-documented games that were known to have references. Eventually, I realized that there are plenty of games that I'd never heard of or seen which also fit. Stuff like Jam with the Band never really came up due to its obscurity. I had to start searching every likely game, and then confirm for myself by playing it. This has been an interesting (as well as tedious and occasionally expensive) process, and it has definitely introduced me to games I wouldn't have even tried otherwise. I thought I'd go over which games I was glad to …

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 5 September 2021

Nintendo Switch Online & Balloon Fight GB

Recently, there have been (seemingly baseless, as far as I know) rumors about Nintendo possibly releasing Game Boy games through their Nintendo Switch Online service, much like how NES and SNES games are now. I'm a little skeptical that it will happen, though it would be incredibly cool to see. As you'd expect from me, I would hope to see Balloon Kid on the service if it turns out to be true. However, given the history of the Switch Online service and the possibility of Game Boy Color games being included, I think it is entirely possible that this may be the first time that Balloon Fight GB could be brought to the rest of the world.

First and foremost, the reason I think it's possible is that several previously Japan-exclusive games have be…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 13 August 2021

Ideas for a Balloon Fight game

You probably could have seen this coming, but if Nintendo ever announces a brand new Balloon Fight game, I would be more excited than I've ever been for any other game release. Even when they just announced they'd re-release Vs. Balloon Fight, I was extremely excited. I think a lot about what I would want to see from a new Balloon Fight game and what features are likely to be added, if that theoretical day ever arrives. I figure I should dump all my ideas out here, just to kinda get them out there.

  • 1 Online Multiplayer
  • 2 Character Selection
  • 3 Character Customization
  • 4 Stage Builder
  • 5 Stage Style Mixing
  • 6 Story Mode

I think this is probably the most obvious feature for them to add, if anything. For most people, Balloon Fight is all about multiplayer. Th…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 12 August 2021

WarioWare: Get It Together! Predictions

In about a month, a brand new WarioWare game will be released on the Switch. As of yet, there haven't been any Balloon Fight references shown in any of the trailers, although it is confirmed that Lulu from WarioWare Gold is returning, and there will be a stage for 9-Volt. At this point, it's pretty much a tradition that WarioWare games include some kind of reference to Balloon Fight, with only one game breaking that trend so far. (There's more than one reason WarioWare: Snapped wasn't held in high regard.) Since the possibilities seem endless right now and this is probably the single biggest question I have about the game, I want to list some of my predictions. I'll start with the most likely cases, and progressively dive into my conspirac…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 10 July 2021

New Light Mode Theme

With the upcoming changes to Fandom, I have been working on adapting this wiki's theme to be ready for FandomDesktop. The dark mode background and color scheme is based on the theme which this wiki has used since 2015, the very same one that somehow ended up in the official NES Classic Edition Guide Book. With the new site experience, there is also the ability to switch any wiki into a light mode. While that classic background isn't well suited to a lighter background (although some people might disagree), I thought it might be well within the spirit of this wiki to represent the sequel to the NES game everyone knows and loves.

That's right, the light mode theme for the Balloon Fight Wiki is based on Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB. I put …

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 28 June 2017

Balloon Fight Is Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Including Online

Through an update on the Nintendo website, Balloon FIght was confirmed to be one of three games to be available to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service when it launches in 2018. The other two games were Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario, both also being NES games. All three games will release with online capabilities, although what exactly that entails is unclear. While online multiplayer seems to be the most obvious answer, it could also include some form of online leaderboard, although this is purely speculation. Either way, this will likely bring in a whole new audience and could possibly even help in forming a stronger community around the game. Surely, this is exciting for Balloon Fight fans, as there has never before bee…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 14 July 2016

What's the ideal Balloon Fight game? (With some technical history)

Each new Balloon Fight game usually brings some sort of twist or unique feature, such as with story, gameplay, controls, or even the system it's on and the gimmicks that come with it. However, the series has somewhat fallen into two sub-series: The "Balloon Fighting" joust-like clear-the-screen type games, and the "Balloon Trip" score-based endurance type games. While the former is usually multiplayer, the latter is usually single-player, with of course the occasional exception for each. 

While the classic "Balloon Fighting" type games seem to be less frequent, this can somewhat be derived from the early handheld iterations of Balloon Fight, namely the Game & Watch and Balloon Kid (Otherwise known as Balloon Fight GB), which likely leaned t…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 29 March 2016

Vs. Balloon Fight's Mysterious "Rocket"

Hello! It's not hard for anyone to tell that I'm a huge fan of Balloon Fight. In fact, it has become so much part of my thinking that I have delved deep into all the sources I have to solve all the mysteries of Balloon Fight. It's quite a large task, although I will attempt to accomplish it and post my findings through my blog. For today, I have decided to begin with solving the mystery of the Vs. Balloon Fight prototype's "Rocket".

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 What was it?
  • 3 Where was it?
  • 4 What remains of it?
  • 5 Conclusion

In case you don't spend your time digging through mountains of arcade flyers in search of prerelease screenshots, the "Rocket" I am referring to is a strange, rocket-esque blue object that appears in a grand total of two unique screenshots of…

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Bluestone19 Bluestone19 9 February 2016

Wordmark Change

Hello! As you may have noticed, the wordmark (The little "logo" at the top left of the page) of the wiki has changed. I changed it because, simply, the old one was fairly old and it was not as high of quality as it could have been. The new wordmark features a more symmetrical design and a font more reminiscent of Vs. Balloon Fight's title screen. If anyone has suggestions, just let me know.

The new design uses the more unique font of Vs. Balloon Fight's logo, which is likely the most signifigant change. "Wiki" is now centered, and has "Balloon Fight" directly above it, and the words "Balloon Fight" now have a blue border around them, also in reference to Vs. Balloon Fight. In addition, sets of three pipes were added to both sides, along wit…

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