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Day 4: Afternoon is the thirteenth level of Balloon Trip Breeze in Nintendo Land.

Starting Island

The starting Rest Island is very narrow, with a single five-story Rest House behind the podium. The house has a Mii in the third story window, and both the walls and the roof are completely white.


Starting Island to Buoy 1

The rain and wind which started in Day 4: Morning immediately ends, causing several Giant Bubbles to rise out of the water. Just before the Buoy, there are lines of black Balloon Breakers which form a single small opening the player must fly through. There are four Balloons in a diamond shape in the middle of the opening.

Buoy 1 to Buoy 2

The tunnel formed by lines of black Balloon Breakers continue, with a line of five Balloons continuing through the narrow path. Above the second Balloon and initially out of reach by the player, there is a rock-dropping Balloon Bird egg on a brick block. Halfway through the section, the lines of Balloon Breakers start to spread apart, and include a section of breakable red Balloon Breakers. At this point, a Time Stopper in a Giant Bubble rises out of the water. In the new clearing, although there is still black Balloon Breakers forming a ceiling, the water is now exposed again. In the middle of the clearing, there is a diamond made of eight black Balloon Breakers, which is surrounded by a circle of eight Balloons, as well as a red Balloon Breaker which is moving in a large clockwise circle. Just below and to the left of all of this, there is a small platform made of two solid Blocks. Immediately to the left of this and on top of the second Buoy, the bottom line of black Balloon Breakers returns, the top line drops down to create a more narrow path again, and the entire opening is covered with a column of six Brick Blocks, which the player must tap on the GamePad screen to destroy.

Buoy 2 to Buoy 3

Immediately after the Brick Blocks, there is a small opening with three Balloons scattered. The top line drops to form a sheer wall, and the bottom line drops back into the water, leaving only a small opening near the water. There is a line of five Balloons tightly packed here, followed by five Balloons which are spaced out further. However, above the line of Balloon Breakers, positioned above the third and fourth Balloons, there is a platform made of three Brick Blocks, with two more rock-dropping Balloon Bird eggs on top.

Buoy 3 to Ending Island

After the Buoy, the top line goes up again and the bottom line also returns out of the water. This leaves a square clearing area with four Balloons inside. The bottom line goes up further, leaving a narrow path out. Both lines then end, with red Balloon Breakers covering the top and bottom openings. There is also a group of four Balloons at the end of the path.

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