Day 2: Night is the seventh stage of Balloon Trip Breeze.

Starting Island Edit

The starting island has very few features and is very small, with nothing other than the podium and a five-story Rest House with Miis in the top and middle windows.

Layout Edit

Starting Island to Buoy 1 Edit

About halfway between the island and the buoy, there is a Balloon Bird egg resting on a pair of Brick Blocks. Immediately after, there are two Balloons, and the ceiling of indestructible Balloon Breakers begins.

Buoy 1 to Buoy 2 Edit

The Balloon Breaker ceiling continues with occasional ripples. Immediately following buoy 1, there are two platforms made of two Brick Blocks each, with a Balloon Bird egg on each platform. Each platform sits above a large triangle made of indestructible Balloon Breakers. Just after the peak of the triangle, there are three Balloons. Just above the second buoy, there is a line of red Balloon Breakers moving in a diamond shape around three more Balloons.

Buoy 2 to Buoy 3 Edit

For most of this section, the screen is divided into two paths by a horizontal line of indestructible Balloon Breakers. In the bottom half, there are two spear-wielding Balloon Bird eggs resting on platforms made of Brick Blocks. In the top half, there are three Balloons. An Eraser in a Giant Bubble will rise up halfway through the section. The main divider ends right before the third Buoy, with another small divider right above the buoy, giving the player space to go to the other section. Above this smaller divider, there are three more Balloons.

Buoy 3 to Ending Island Edit

Another divider similar to the one from the last section also appears in this section. There's one Balloon near the top of the screen, and two below the divider. The Balloon Breaker ceiling ends before the island.

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