Day 2 Morning is a fairly simple stage, as there are few obstacles in the level.

Layout Edit

Right after the starting Rest Island, there is a Brick Block platform with a Balloon Bird egg on it, which immediately opens. The Balloon Bird has a spear, so it can charge at the player. There are 8 Balloons scattered between the island and the 2nd Buoy. Along the way, a Balloon Breaker will appear and bounce around the screen. The rest of the level has no obstacles, and the rain clears away to cause many Giant Bubbles to rise out of the ocean.

Starting Island Edit

The Podium on the island is to the right side, and in the middle and slightly to the left there is a Rest House and one Mii.

Notes Edit

  • This level may have been designed to be so empty to help first-time players get used to Spear Balloon Birds.